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Harmony Band

Singers and musicians with great experience on stages, performances

in prestigious productions in Israel and abroad.
A band that knows how to combine a live performance of singers and musicians with LIVE DJ show.
The great advantage of the band is her vast and diverse repertoire  of her  singers that sing at almost every language and style.
The band performance, accompanied by musicians playing Live and also Includes digital sound files, so to the music at your event will hear the latest, most modern, but also save the classic fragrance of All Time Greatest Hits and styles.

Among others, the band performs songs in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

Harmony band performs songs from all styles: MTV, Israeli - Oriental, Israeli Ora, Rock and French chansons, jazz, 60's and more.

In addition there is also wellcom ensemble and special Henna ensemble.

The Band composition, number and type of the singers and musicians determined according to the customer's needs and budget.

Harmony Band - A perfect combination of voices and sounds

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